Friday, January 7, 2011

All About Santa

Christmas was past approaching and my 5 year old daughter was asking about Santa.
Is he real? Where does he live? Will Santa drop by and deliver her presents?, and etc.

When they had a Christmas party in the their school, all the kids were so happy that Santa came by and they all receive a present from him with their name on it.

She knew a little bit about Santa, that he ride on a sleigh, with the reindeer and deliver gifts on Christmas day to good kids through the chimney and drinks milk and cookies and all that sort of thing.

Almost everyday she ask, how many sleeps before Christmas. She's very excited on buying gifts for her friends and of course she expects to receive gifts too because Christmas is about gift giving.

A few days before Christmas i went to the Post office to send a parcel to one of my customer, while i was in a queue, i looked around the shop and i've seen a box placed in the corner with writing on the front  "A Letter to Santa". When i got home, I asked my daughter if she wanted to write a letter to Santa  She likes the idea and so excited to do it. Well, She just finished kinder garten and she don't know how to red and write proper words yet. I helped her by writing down what she want to say to Santa, then after she have to copy and transfer it in another piece of paper.  When it was all done, we went to the post office and drop the letter in the box herself.

On Christmas Eve, before she went to bed, she have everything ready in case Santa will come. She prepared a glass of milk and a cookie and put it in the kitchen table.

Me and my husband were laughing, knowing that Santa will never come, but we have to make sure that he did come and visit on Christmas while she's asleep. We have to put bread crumbs on the plate and drunk the milk from the cup. My husband also printed a letter pretending it comes from Santa "thanking her for preparing a snack for him. Apologizing that he was not able to bring her present because he got traffic on the air and lost some of the present on the way, but the elves are looking around to get them back. He will come by to drop the present anytime soon as soon as the elves got everything back".

I don't know if it is wrong to lie to my kids about all this stuff, but all i know that it makes her happy and have something to hope for at Christmas season.

Yesterday afternoon, I went out and checked on the mail box, one of the mail is addressed to my daughter. It comes from the North pole. I called her out and told her that she got a letter, "from Santa".  As soon as she heard about it, the excitement drawn on her face was so good to see. She was flying out to get to the door, to get the letter.

Here is the content of the letter:

Dear Joanne

Merry Christmas! Thank you for writing to me. I just love getting letters from all the girls and boys around the world. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to write to you before Christmas - it was busy up here at the North Pole.

Now, the postmark on your letter tells me that you're from Australia.

In Australia\, Christmas is in summer, so the sun is shinning, the skies are clear blue, the birds are chirping, you can go to the beach, play cricket, but best of all, you have BBQs!

I just love BBQ, they are my favorite - how do you think I got this big jolly tummy?

This Christmas, the elves and I stopped downunder for a BBQ. I love Sausages, steaks, fried onions, and all the fresh salads and  summer fruits too - yummy!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday. Thank you for qriting to me and I look forward to hearing from you again next year.


Your Friend
Santa Claus

I am still looking the toy unicorn in the shop so i could buy it for her as a gift from Santa because that is the one she ask from him. ^_^.

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  1. hi t jove.. lobve it.... what time of unicorn shes been up too... ill try to look that staff for you .... .. like also aziah.. when we went to midaley when santa ask her what she want she said she want DOra.. gosh in the morning... i see in her eyes sparkling looking here DOra dancing.. her innocense make my heart so proud what santa did... hehhehe