Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a Night!!!

I remember a month ago, it was Wednesday morning. I started my day with a cup of coffee, when i got the milk, i noticed that it was not cold. I then checked inside the fridge and sort of investigate if the rest of the stuff are cold or not. I then called my husband and informed him that the fridge is not working so he could ring up the plumber to check on it. My husband rung the plumber but the plumber was too busy he was not able to come within the week.

Every morning, i have to go to the shop to buy fresh milk and throw the milk that i bought the day before. All the food we had inside the fridge has to be thrown out in the bin because it all gone off.

Saturday comes, we were waiting for the plumber to show up. He kinda forget that he said he will come on Saturday afternoon, if my husband didn't made a follow up call we would have been waiting for nothing. The plumber manage to show up around 6pm at night. We were hopeful that our fridge will be running again, but, after hours of trying to figure out what happened to it, he wasn't able to fixed it.

The following day, my husband ring up one of our friend from Melbourne and asked him if they still have that fridge they've used before and if it is okay if we could use it. Monday after lunch my husband and my daughter traveled to Melbourne to pick up the fridge with the Ute. They didn't stay there very long.

While they were driving on the freeway heading towards  home, he noticed that there is something wrong with the ute but he didn't stop straight away. He just kept driving until the other driver signaled him that he got a flat tyre.  He stopped to look, the tyre was badly damaged, the rubber was already cut halfway around it. 

It was 6pm at night when my husband rung me and told me that he got a flat tyre and he needs me to bring him the spare one. I already put my son to bed at that time. I looked around the back yard for the spare one. Thinking that i've got the right one, i put it right away inside the booth of the car. I rung him back and described to him the tyre i have found, but he said that it was the wrong one. It was for the motor bike.  It's already getting dark and i have to look again around the backyard hoping that i could find it. I have seen one next to the trailer it was halfway buried with the soil. At first, i thought, it was not the one but when get closer and touched it, it moves. This time i am certain that i found the right  tyre.

I get my son out of bed and put him inside the car, even it destruct his sleep. I was already about 30km away from our house, when i noticed that the temperature gauge goes red and i realized that there was no water in the car. I kept driving until it gets hot and have to stop on the side of the freeway. I ring my husband again and told him that it will take a while for me to get where he is because the car is hot. It is so unfortunate, that when i looked inside to get the water bottle it is only half full. I have to wait at least 30 minutes before i could put the water in the tank. 

The traffic was a bit heavy that night. While i was in the freeway, every time a truck passed by, i felt the car moved. I could not help but thinking what i have seen in the television like that highway patrol , there are cars crashed into the other car that was standing still on the side of the freeway, with that thought, i was frightened and hoping it would not happen to me.

After the car cools down, i was able to get going, but i had to find a place where i could get some water before i could see him. I know that half a bottle of water would not be enough to get to him. I went to the hospital to look for a tap outside but i could not find one. I was about to go when i decided to have one more looked and had to park closer to the building. I remember that there was a toilet inside the building first door next to the entrance.  Pushing my son in the stroller and carrying an empty bottle with me, i walked inside the premises. It was a bit tricky filling the 3 liter bottle with the sink tap.

Anyways, I managed to filled the bottle with water and went to see my husband. When i got there, my daughter ran at me. She was a little bit frightened hearing all that traffic on the road and cold because it was a cold night. With no time to waste, we changed the tyre, even if we kept stopping when there is a traffic coming and put more water in my car right after.

On the way home, I planned to buy dinner for them. I went straight to KFC, but when i got there it was closed already. They only opened until 10.00 pm. There are still people inside the building but they were cleaning already. I went home empty handed and have to tell my daughter that KFC is closed already. I just cooked other food to fill there empty stomach. Anyway, they were so tired that they only ate a little and went to bed.

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