Friday, January 21, 2011

Beef Stew

Have you ever tried making a pot of Beef Stew? This is the recipe that my husband like to have  most of the time. This is very easy to eat and very handy if you got no time to prefer other meal on the next day or anytime you want a fast meal. Every time i make this recipe, i have to make a pot full and put it in the container and freeze it. When we want to eat it, i just put it in the microwave to reheat it again.


500g Blade Steak
5 good size Potatoes
6 pcs Carrots
300g Green Beans
1 big Onion
2 beef cubes
Salt and pepper
Tbsp. corn flour


1) Cut the meat into small cubes
2) Chop onions finely
3) In the pot, put the meat, onions, a little bit of salt, add plenty of water and bring to boil until the meat get tender. make sure that there is plenty of water in the pot.

4)While cooking the meat, prepare the vegetables.
5) Peel the potatoes, cut into small squares, do the same with the carrots.
6) Cut the green beans into an inch long.
7) When the meat is cook, add the vegetables, beef cube, salt and pepper to taste, mix and cover.

8) Stir occasionally.
9)When the vegetables are cooked, on a cup, dissolved a tablespoon of corn flour with a little bit of water and slowly put it in the pot and mix to make the soup a bit thicker.

Serve while its hot.

*Any left overs, put it in the containers and freeze. It can be reheat anytime.*


  1. It reminds me of rainy days. This is my all time favorite.

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