Monday, January 17, 2011

First Day of Work

I've been waiting for this season to come, to get extra earnings again. Since last week, as soon as i got a call from my employer, i was so excited to start my first day of picking blueberry, but the weather didn't seems to agree.

Picking blueberry is a fun and very easy work than other picking jobs. Most of the bushes are as tall as me, so it is easy to reach the top fruits. The bunch are like grapes, but the fruits easily drops when its move.

Today, I was so excited to start my first day of work. I turn my alarm clock at 6:00am so i could leave and start early. While i was having my breakfast, i heard my son waking up, i have to go back to bed and feed him and try to put him back to sleep again. While feeding him, I fell asleep for an hour. When i woke up, i had to move quicker and faster I still have to drive for 40 km to get to the farm. As soon as I get there, I went to the shed and grab the basket that was already ready for me with a bottle of water to drink and buckets for the berries. As I came out from the shed, i see my employer walking up from the pud-dick to meet me, she walked back down with me and point me to the row where i can work on. After giving me the instructions, she let me go and do my job.

Walking down to the end of the row, i saw my friends already there working. I quickly get organized and start picking. An hour later, it starts drizzling, getting worried that the berries will get wet, i work a little faster and hide the buckets full of berries under the bushes.  As the berries getting wetter, we have to stop working because we are not allowed to pick it when it is wet. We walk up and bring the berries to the shed. We all went inside the house and had a cuppa. Hoping that while we're inside, the rain will stop, so we could all go back to work, but unfortunately, the weather did not seems to favor us. We decided to call it a day and hoping that tomorrow will be a fine day for working.   

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