Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Good Samaritan 'still around'

Yesterday, My kids and I drove to Hazelwood Pondage to meet my two other friends to go fishing. I was driving our old rusty ute. I never had a problem with this ute besides with its look. Well, it is usually used for work, getting sand and gravel from the shop to our place, transporting heavy and bulky stuff.

When we get to Hazelwood, first stop, there in a launching place for boats and jets-ski, could not fine there car,  i then went to the other fishing area where we fish before, but still they were not there. I thought, there's probably another  launching area. While driving, looking for my friends, I smelt something burning, I pulled over on the side of the road and check where that burning smell comes from. I didn't realized that the ute ran out of water and the bonnet was smoking hot, it overheat.

Luckily, while i was standing there figuring out what to do, the car pulled over beside us, the man came out and asked me "on what seems to be the problem" and i answered: "It's steaming hot, i guess it ran out of water".  He straightaway open the bonnet, he got his glove on and a bottle of drinking water to try to cool down the lead of the water tank so he can open it to let the pressure out and also the overflow. Fortunately, we also bring a liter of drinking water, that's what we used to put on the tank to kept me going for the meantime.

I had the same problem with the other car before, i usually stop on the side of the freeway many times because it ran out of water, but, this is the only time that someone stopped and helped out. I wasn't able to know his name, but I thank him for stopping and helping out.

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