Monday, November 22, 2010

Playin' time

Wouldn't you love it when you have a perfect weather for two consecutive days and the kids were having  fun playing out in the backyard all day long?

Early in the morning, just before breakfast my 14 months old son brought his pair of shoes to me. He wanted to go outside. I put on his shoes but i didn't went out straight away because i was thinking of making a cup of coffee first. While i was in the kitchen, he was busy dragging his chair and put it next to the door and wanted to open it. Because, he was to small, he makes a noise to get my attention. When i went out from the kitchen to check on him, i find myself giggling and thought how clever this little man is?  He really wanted to go outside and play. I decided to make cup of coffee later when we come back.

As soon as i opened the front door, my son straight away hop into his tricycle and waited for his sister to pushed him around  along the foot path. Going back and forth for a couple of times and then we decided to have a rest on the grass.  While we were resting, my  daughter  decided to have picnic between the two of them. She went back inside the house to get some thing to eat. When she comes back she had with her a sliced  of banana and a bag of chips.  I quickly grabbed the dash board cover on the back of the car for them to seat on. We stayed out there for a little bit longer.
riding in the front of the house
 Comes afternoon, while i was doing my regular house hold chores, my daughter asked me if they could go out in the backyard with her brother and play. I told her to go and wake her daddy to look after them because i wasn't finished cleaning yet and so she did. They both having fun running around and jumping in the trampoline, playing with the dog. We also had a visit from our family friend with his two boys. My little boy don't even care that he was too messy and dirty, he was just having so much fun wondering around the backyard. he even get inside the dog kennel and hide in there.

inside the dog kennel with their friend

my son coming out of the kennel

His appearance with full of dust after crawling and playing around the backyard.
By the end of the day, even though they were so dirty all over but i know that they had so much fun playing together with their friends.

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