Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fighting with Depression

Days after giving birth to my second child, i started having sleepless nights, getting headaches.  When my son got a temperature when he was only two days old, at a very young age of his life, he already experienced too many medical tests. His been into antibiotic for 5 days after finding out that he got an infection. He needs to be connected with the nursery so they could keep an eye on him. I became a border mum just to be with him. After i come out from the hospital i had to leave him for one day in the nursery to finished his antibiotic. It worries me so much that every time when he's feeling uneasy  or a little bit sick i panic.  The first two months after he was born, was been toughed. There were times that we need to rushed him to the hospital because he got a very high temperature.

Day after day the feeling of being worried, agitated are getting worst and worst. Some days, i woke up in the morning feeling down, can hardly pull myself up to do things around the house. I also  get angry very quickly even when there's nothing to be angry about.  One day we went to Maternal and Child Health Clinic for my son's 4 months appointments, after the nurse examined my son she took time to  do  assessment on me. She gave me a questions.  With the results of my answer she suspects that i have a post natal depression and she advices me to see and talk to my GP (General Practitioner) and show him the copy of the assessment.

When i got home from our appointment with the Maternal and Child Health nurse i rung up the clinic and made an appointment to see my GP.  Unfortunately, i had to wait for a month to see him  because he is out of town at that time.
A month after, i finally see my doctor and he prescribed me an anti-depressant table (priztiq), which i am still taking until now. He also recommend to see and talk to my psychologist.

Since then, i make sure that i always kept myself and my mind busy. These are the activities that i do regularly.

* I joined in a play group together with my kids which meets every Fridays. A two hour session , to see and talk to other mums like me and at the same time my kids will have a time to play with the other kids.

*  Go out in the back yard and cut grasses, do weeding in the garden. Doing some paving in the backyard was the thing that i haven't imagined that i could do on my own, but i have done it!

* Visit a friend sometime in a week or two just to get out of the house.

* Go to the park with the kids.

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  1. Hi Jove,
    I am following you now:) Having depression is very difficult I hope the medicine helps you. and you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have family members who suffer from this so I can understand what you are going thru. Hang in there and get the help you need to feel better you have your children to think about and care for:)